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Squeeze Theme is a new WordPress theme that's designed particularly to generate capture pages. You can select it as your theme of choice for any of your WordPress blogs and create capture pages using any of the 4, well tested, capture page templates. You need to use Squeeze Theme to form stand alone capture pages, but it is also sufficiently flexible to be utilized as a full specification blog. The theme was designed by Unique Blog Designs, who are quite well known for planning affiliate Theme, another preferred WordPress theme for affiliates. If it is good to you, close that screen and click the ‘Activate’ tab. Your WordPress template is now active and folks can see the rewards of your work! How lovely does your website look now??? Nonetheless unless you get a gaffe when you install the template the way I have just told you and have exhausted drumming the understanding of your mate who knows WordPress, I’d keep clear of logging into the FTP.

The capability to ‘break something’ in there is too great. Making your own WP template is a hard job particularly if you're still a newb. And in my previous experiences, if you break something and do not know what you are doing ( this really is true for PCs, automobile repair, and virtually anything else in life ), it costs mucho dinero to get it fixed. Fortunately, there are tons of pre-made WordPress templates available in the Net. Nonetheless you should learn and master the abilities of making your own WordPress templates. Once you've previewed your blog with the new template, you may want to select blue as link colour for simple use since the great majority of people recognise links as being blue, and that may be done by clicking Editor in the Dashboard just under Widgets. Why hire a website designer for your page if you can do it on your own? But you are free to pick what fits your blog best, naturally. This may cause blue links to turn red once folk are on one of your links, and then they understand that a click with the mouse will bring them to your link.

Routinely there's a stylesheet named style.css which should contain a colour for links outlined. Back to Blogging When you have outlined all of your changes – which likely will not be all that many if you've chosen a good template – then you're prepared to get back to blogging, and you'll now be blogging from a rather more engaging template than previously. This method is easy but important. This means what's the first signal that's sent to the brain of the surfer when they first peek at an internet site. If the site is about a finance matter then an icon of cash would send this 1st signal. The explanation why this 1st signal is so significant is that once the surfer thinks they're on the right site, they may explore it.

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