It’s Fast And Easy – No Other Code Is Necessary.

WordPress is a great platform for simple blogs but to give them a rather more pro look and to make them function more effectively themes and extensions are vital. Think about the theme as being the outside look of your automobile, WordPress itself as the engine with the enhancements being the things like the lights, signals, alert lights etc that are nice to have though not vital to run the engine of the vehicle. I'm no technician but you get the point. Why use WordPress extensions? They enable you do to do things with WordPress that without them would be either laborious and could also need technical experience in WordPress beyond that of the bulk of WordPress users. What are WordPress enhancements? I assume the simplest reason is they are a little bit of code which make things better to do or lets you do things that without the exact plugin are extraordinarily tricky to do and outside the capacities of any person aside from someone with a technical training of WordPress. There are a lot more if you want them, but the following extensions will literally give you the capability to change your blog saving you a lot of time, stress and trouble. You can simply customise the appearance of the video player apropos colour and size to fit brilliantly with your blog theme and design. To employ the plugin all you must do is cut'n'paste the Youtube video url into your blog post and then make a small modification to the url ( add the letter ‘v’ ) and that's it. So as you are writing a blog article, you can just search out an acceptable image and Photodropper will give you a listing of stills which you've got permission to make public. It’s real fast and straightforward – no other code is necessary. The enhancement builds a cache of your posts and creates a static html page so the server load is reduced and your internet site can handle more visitors. If your tech blog is new I might install the extension though not turn on it till I began to see spikes in traffic or one of my articles was picked up by a major tech blog like Engadget or Gizmodo.

Writting excellent content is vital but once you've made that content you've got to make certain that it targets keywords and includes some basic optimisation to guarantee it is search site friendly. WordPress Enhancements – Select Sensibly Extensions add features and functions to your WordPress blog above its core functions as is with an ‘out-of-the-box ‘ installation. If you use the WordPress theme I use ( Postulation ) then you won't need this plugin but for just about each other WordPressTheme I suggest installing it immediately in order that you can start to write your custom meta outlines All the extensions I have discussed above can be downloaded by hand and then uploaded through FTP to your blog or you are able to add them from inside your WordPress Dashboard – personally I like the second. Enhancements are one of the things which makes WordPress so forceful, because there is a plugin for just about everything ( and once somebody creates an extension so my WordPress will give me my morning coffee – I could announce WordPress one hundred percent perfect, ) nevertheless, simply because there are that many plugin selections, doesn't mean you must download and install them all. So how does one select? Not before. If you would like your blog to be found by Google or other search sites, this is an absolute must have plugin.

By itself. Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin immediately creates a sitemap of your blog to help Google’s spiders in indexing it. One Click Plugin Updater – If you are like me, you most likely hate to update your extensions one-by-one. Sitemaps are just what you suspect they mean : a map of your internet site.

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