Like The Smart Youtube Plugin – It Is Truly Fast And Simple.

Essentially a theme is what makes your blog look the way that it does while enhancements look after lots of the functions behind the theme. WordPress is a great platform for extremely simple blogs but to give them a rather more pro look and to make them function more effectively themes and enhancements are crucial. Think about the theme as being the outside look of your vehicle, WordPress itself as the engine with the extensions being the things like the lights, signals, caution lights etc that are great to have although not critical to run the engine of the vehicle. Similar programs need your visitor to have Adobe Reader, PowerPoint and other programs this permits visitors to read without delay. I'm no technician but you get it.

Use Google Libraries Google’s AJAX Libraries API has a bunch of Javascript libraries that WordPress can host. With this plugin it can reduce the load on your webserver, by permitting visitors to utilize the files cached on their PC through Google, instead of use files from your WordPress. It also uses compressed versions for quicker loading. By itself. If you would like your blog to be found by Google or other search websites, this is a must have plugin. Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin immediately creates a sitemap of your blog to help Google’s spiders in indexing it. They can make it far easier for Google to find and index your internet site, so this plugin is a complete must have, without regard for the size of your blog. One Click Plugin Updater – If you are like me, you most likely hate to update your extensions one-by-one.

Again, like the Smart Youtube plugin – it is truly fast and easy. All you do is just decide on the image you like and publish it to your post. Contact Form seven Plugin – Make a Contact Form Page This plugin is truly helpful, aside from making it simple to make a contact page for your blog it could also be used to supply more forms – so you might use it to gather other feedback from your audience and supporters. If somebody leaves a message on the contact or feedback form, it sends you a copy of the message almost immediately to your elected e-mail. Add This Plugin – Add a ‘Share ‘ Button This is quickly turning into one of the hottest ‘Share ‘ buttons around. Writting good content is essential but once you have made that content you have got to make certain that it targets keywords and includes some basic optimisation to guarantee it is search site friendly.

All in One S.E.O does this job very well. If you happen to use the WordPress theme I use ( Proposal ) then you won't need this plugin but for just about each other WordPressTheme I suggest installing it immediately so you can begin writing your custom meta outlines All the enhancements I have discussed above can be downloaded by hand and then uploaded through FTP to your blog or you are able to add them from inside your WordPress Dashboard – personally I like the second. You'll see that I do somethings with TechBlogStartup that many folk use Enhancements or Widgets to do – for example.

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