Nine Great WordPress Extensions For Your WordPress Blog.

Blogging is the most recent trend to hit the web. Some of the people make new entries every day a few individuals made one entry and forgot all about it, other blog owners blog to update buddy and family on their lives. There are 3 main blogging platforms. Most individuals blog to build a brand and make cash.

They’re : one. Straightforward as that. If you do not need the function / feature any of these extensions provides – don’t install them. : ) Akismet : this is 1 component of my 2 part spam-fighting system on my blog to handle comment spam. It enables you to record / upload and import videos direct to your selected post. This plugin really comes already installed on each WordPress blog, you simply need to turn on it with an API key you get from Each WordPress plugin has its own unique advantages and can actually help to turn your blog into something easy to use. With so many extensions to make a choice from it is worth spending a little bit of time looking thru what’s on offer and picking the enhancements which will benefit both you, your website and your fans.

New additions are continually being added and developed so be certain to keep checking so you don’t miss something that may be of benefit. One Click Plugin Updater – If you are like me, you almost certainly hate to update your enhancements one-by-one. They can make it far easier for Google to find and index your website, so this plugin is an absolute must have, without regard for the size of your blog. Most enhancements have a few updates a month, and updating them could be a real agony. Twittercounter Plugin – Let everybody know precisely how many Twitter Proponents you’ve got This plugin is maybe more for fun than anything, but if you have a large amount of Twitter fans then this may actually augment the credibility of your blog. One Click Plugin Updater simplifies the entire process by giving you the choice to update all of your extensions with one click. Once you’ve installed it you’ll have a range of Twitter counters, so that you can select the one that you think is most acceptable for your Blog. One word of caution – don’t go installing too many enhancements as every one will slow down your website a little – so just stick to the ones you actually need. What are you waiting for? When you have attempted some out you’ll find it way easier finding more extensions and customising your website so it does precisely what you are searching for.

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