Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog (Smashing Magazine Book Series)

GO BEYOND THE BLOGSmashing WordPress shows you how to utilize the power of the WordPress platform, and provides a creative spark to help you build WordPress-powered sites that go beyond the obvious. You will learn the core concepts used to build just about anything in WordPress, resulting in fast deployments and greater design flexibility.Inside, WordPress expert Thord Daniel Hedengren takes you beyond the blog and shows you how WordPress can serve as a CMS, a photo gallery, an e-commerce site, and more.YOU WILL LEARN:THE ANATOMY OF A WP INSTALL AND HOW WORDPRESS ACTUALLY WORKSHOW TO BUILD BEAUTIFUL WORDPRESS THEMES โ€“ INCLUDING CHILD THEMESHOW TO CREATE CUSTOM LOGIN FORMS AND ADMIN THEMESHOW TO USE THE LOOP TO CONTROL CONTENT, AND EVEN USE ALTERNATIVES TO THE LOOPHOW TO INTEGRATE THEME OPTIONSHOW TO BUILD PLUGINS โ€“ INCLUDING WIDGET FUNCTIONALITYHOW TO BUILD YOUR WORDPRESS PROJECTS FOR SEOINTEGRATE WORDPRESS WITH THE SOCIAL WEBHOW TO CREATE AMAZING NAVIGATIONHOW TO USE CONDITIONAL CONTR
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