The Majority Blog To Build A Brand And Earn Money.

Everybody I know has a blog. Blogging is the most recent trend to hit the Net. The majority of people blog to build a brand and make cash. There are 3 main blogging platforms. But not all plugin developers continue updating the extension and if that is the case, you will need to find another compatible plugin which will do a similar thing your now outmoded plugin did. These are only one or two of the various enhancements you need to use on your blog and it actually depends on what you need your blog to do as regards what enhancements you want to install to to get it working better and save you additional time in keeping up your blog.

Too many Enhancements ? There is not any fixed quantity of counseled enhancements, aside from to only use those you need. If you find that you are employing a resource hog plugin, find a ‘lighter ‘ alternative that provides similar function / features. My Top fifteen Counseled Extensions – and The Reason why they are Handy Ok, now that I have given you the insider track on plugin selection and things you must be aware of, I do have an inventory of fifteen enhancements that I myself use and I am going to share with you their function, so that you can decide if they'd also be handy on your blog. * TweetMeme Retween Button – If you glance at the posts on TechBlogStartup you will notice a yellow Retweet button aligned to the right. The power of Twitter is getting bigger by the day so making it simple for your reader to ReTweet superb content can prove extremely valuable.

If you're puzzling over why I haven’t included ShareThis it is due to the fact I by hand insert the code instead of utilising a WordPress Plugin. * WP Super Cache – If you have heard about Digg then chances are you have heard about the Digg Effect where an article on a site becomes so popular so fast the flood of traffic to the site causes the server to collapse. Since WordPress blogs are built on SQL Databases they're highly at the mercy of this condition, but installing WP Super Cache can just about get rid of this threat. A big timesaver if you find yourself using too many extensions. WordPress Database Backup – You never can say when some unlucky accident may befall your blog. Once, one massive blog of mine got hacked and accordingly, I lost my whole database. With WordPress Database Backup, it is possible to get it to make automated backups and mail it to you on a regular, weekly, or scheduled basis.

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