Top 7 WordPress Extensions For Your Blog.

Blogging is the newest trend to hit the Net. The majority blog to build a brand and make cash. Some individuals make new entries each day a few people made one entry and forgot all about it, other blog authors blog to update pal and family on their lives. There are 3 main blogging platforms.

They're : one. They can make it way easier for Google to find and index your website, so this plugin is a total must have, irrespective of the size of your blog. Most extensions have 1 or 2 updates a month, and updating them could be a real agony. One Click Plugin Updater – If you are like me, you hate to update your enhancements one-by-one. One Click Plugin Updater simplifies the entire process by giving you the choice to update all of your enhancements with one click.

What are some illustrations of WordPress enhancements? Akismet is a well-liked plugin that checks your comments against the Akismet web service to determine if they seem like spam or not. All in One S.E.O Pack is Out-of-the-box S.E.O for your WordPress blog. You can review the spam it catches under ‘Comments.’ Without this kind of a plugin your blog could become full of unattractive comments that you actually don't want your fans to read. Google AdSense, Chitika and Kontera enhancements permit you to monetarize your blog and make earnings from an info only blog. Contact Form seven permits you to make a ‘Contact Us’ page with a form folks can fill in for more info or questions about your items. I opt for this plugin over the built in audio player in WordPress. I've a page made where I thank them, as first time commenters, for visiting my blog – you might even offer them a free downloadable report on the current page, ask them to sign up for your contact list ( include an opt-in form on the current page ) or whatever it is you want. Comment Redirect : this plugin will redirect all first time commenters on your blog to a page or post of your choice.

The top six articles aligned horizontally at the very top of the site or the Most recent Posts section in the side bar. Make them feel special and appreciated! It has a captcha to govern contact form spam by automated robots. Have you got some WordPress enhancements on your tech blog that you suspect we should really know about? Go forward and drop your own list or links to the enhancements in the comments section below so we will check them out. For tech blogs that receive a giant volume of traffic, limiting the extensions helps cut the SQL memory load and if you have ever had a site crash you know precisely how crucial this is.

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