With MapPress, It Simply Adds Google Maps To Your Blog Or Blog Post.

WordPress is a great platform for simple blogs but to give them a rather more pro look and to make them function better themes and enhancements are important. Essentially a theme is what makes your blog look the way that it does while enhancements look after a large amount of the functions behind the theme. I'm no engineer but you get the point. What are WordPress extensions? I suspect the simplest reason is they are a little bit of code which make things better to do or permits you to do things that without the precise plugin are awfully hard to do and outside the capacities of anybody apart from an individual with a technical understanding of WordPress.

These are some of the most WordPress Enhancements you can get : one. WordPress Super Cache Plugin : An exceedingly fast caching engine for WordPress blogs that produces static html files. Google XML Sitemaps Plugin : This plugin will make a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog. NextGEN Studio Plugin : NextGEN Studio is a full integrated Picture Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option. Manage and revolve your Google Adsense and other adverts with this one straightforward plugin.

This plugin essentially works across one or two ad networks so you aren't restricted to only Google. MapPress Straightforward Google Maps If you happen to have a business or you simply need your audience to understand where something is a map is the right way to elucidate a location. With MapPress, it simply adds Google Maps to your blog or blog post. By itself. If you'd like your blog to be found by Google or other search websites, this is an absolute must have plugin. Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin mechanically creates a sitemap of your blog to help Google’s spiders in indexing it. Sitemaps are just what you suspect they mean : a map of your internet site.

Twittercounter Plugin – Let everybody know exactly how many Twitter Supporters you have Got this plugin is more for fun than anything, but if you have plenty of Twitter fans then this may just help the credibility of your blog. What are you waiting for? Once you've attempted some out you'll find it way easier finding more extensions and customising your website so it does precisely what you're searching for. Once you've installed it you'll have a selection of Twitter counters, so that you can select the one that you think is most acceptable for your Blog. One word of advice – don’t go installing too many extensions as every one will slow down your internet site a little – so just stick to the ones you actually need.

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