Your Questions About WordPress Membership Plugin

Donna asks…

WordPress membership site?

I am browsing around for a wordpress membership plugin, what i was wondering is can you apply the membership plugin to any existing wordpress theme that you already have, or does the membership plugin come with it’s own theme that you have to use?

admin answers:

Yes, in theory you can. Although some badly written, not well tested or coded not according to standards plugins can conflict with themes.
There are many wordpress membership plugins on the market, many are free, some are commercial.
As a rule of thumb if you go with free software to do business (to make money) – expect no or little support from that approach and in some cases developer just choose to abandon project and leave you stuck with a buggy website or, in the worst case, disabled website due to unresolved bugs.
I personally found that the best approach is to find good, commercial, supported and well used wordpress membership plugin, such as that has fully featured evaluation version.
While many commercial softwares offer you time-limited evaluation, memberwing offer much wiser free evaluation terms, such as – use it for free, *forever*, until you’ll get up to 10 paying members.
When you start getting paying members – you will certainly have business justification to upgrade to full premium version, but at least it does not cost you anything to start with your business idea on the right foot with good commercial software.

Helen asks…

Looking for crack wordpress plugin?

Looking for crack wordpress plugin
WishList’s Membership plugin

Pro Unlimited MemberWing-X plugin

admin answers:

Not going to happen on this site. Now answer me a question, why do Indians seem to think they are entitled to not pay for stuff?

Lizzie asks…

Anyone here have a wordpress membership website/blog?

Here’s the deal i have being researching membership plugins over the last week and every review says one or the other is the absolute BEST membership plugin, all i want is a plugin that is easy set up on wordpress, is a one time payment and gives users a nice profile page/account when they are logged in.

If anyone here at all has a membership site of any kind that they can send me to so i can look at the login form, the sign-up form and other functioning on it i’d really appreciate it, because then i can associate the site with the particular plugin. I honestly can’t go on someones word due to everyone saying one is the best over the other so i need to see some.

If you don’t want to post here can you at least IM me? Thanks.

admin answers:

I discovered Sentry two days ago, but haven’t tried them yet. They are a service that allows you to password protect different pages and parts of your website, blog, or whatever. It lets you set things up so members can login to either a paid or free membership. I’m thinking about setting up a newsletter as an extension of my WordPress blog. As I mentioned, I haven’t tried it yet, but they do offer a free 7 day trial membership. Check it out at the link below.

Joseph asks…

WordPress Membership Site?

I am looking for a wordpress plugin. I need to be able to set up a membership system that’s something like this: I have 4 different update pages for some people. I need to have user 1 be able to access page 1 and user 2 be able to access page 2. I then need user 3 be able to access page 1, 2 and 3. user for to only access page 2 and 4. User 5 to access 1 and 3. User 6 access 4. And so on. User levels won’t work for me as it would take hours to set up all the levels and we will be adding more pages that only certain users can see. I want a plugin that lets me click a users settings and click a check box that says user can view page 1 and 3 or page 1 only or page 1, 2, 3 and four. Is there a plugin currently made that can do this? If not does Drupal have a plugin to do this as I can easily switch to a Drupal system as well. I don’t like Joomla so please don’t give any answers referring to it.

admin answers:

Paid Memberships Pro is a membership plugin I develop, which is available free in the WP repository:

It doesn’t do what you want out of the box, but it is very flexible if you have PHP/WP development skills. If you sign up for support at, I can whip up a solution to allow you to set page access per user instead of per membership level.


Steven asks…

Do I need a certain theme in wordpress for making a membership website?

Which Theme do I have to use?
If this matters: I’m going to use amember plugin for memberships.

admin answers:

Shouldn’t make a difference. The plugins are coded around the wordpress code, not theme code (unless its bespoke).

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