Your Questions About WordPress Seo Plugin

Chris asks…

What is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress?

What is the difference between the free and the paid versions?

admin answers:

I use these plugins on my blogs.

This one will let you optimise you meta tags for all your page.

You can use this to verify Google & Bing webmaster Tools. Facebook analytics, alexa etc.

This plugin will let you automate interlinking you page with keywords within the articles of your site.

An xml sitemap generator.

This will add a captcha to the comments box to avoid spammers.

Lisa asks…

Why i choose wordpress blog instead of joomla ?

Why i choose wordpress blog instead of joomla ? Can somebody explain me.

admin answers:


Well because of the following reasons :-

WordPress has more than 15,000 plugin , and it has almost every plugin you need.

Their are tons and tons of free skins and also lot of good paid skins available.

It is considered more secure than Joomla.

It has world’s best SEO.

It is the best CMS system when it comes to blogs.

I think these reasons should be enough for one considering WordPress over Joomla.

Donna asks…

Can i apply for google adsence from my wordpress blog site?

Hi any seo expert here???????? My blog is
Please tell me, if i post non copy write content in my blog, can i apply for google adsence account from my blog?

admin answers:

Yes, look for the plugin.

Helen asks…

What are the best SEO Plug-ins to use and what ones should I stay away from?

I am looking for different SEO options and I have seen a lot of “SEO Plug-ins” for wordpress and such but there are so many to chose from I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of these?

admin answers:

If you must use a plugin, you can use “all in one” pluin for wordpress. But 2 important optimization you need to do, you can do it yourself in less than 2 minutes.

One is to change your site title and you can do that by going to setting within your admin panel. Another one is changing yout permalink to custom permalink that is also under settings. On custom permalink section, you use %postname% that will get rid of ?p=21 type of URL and convert it to your URL/post tile which is better in terms of SEO. Rest of the optimization you need is your content

Jenny asks…

How blogger gadget name seo work?

In layout of blogger blog,i clicked add a gadget n search typing SEO.
It show 2 gadget,1 seo online and another seo adsense.
Plz explain me,what this gadget’s work?How to use them,for what to use?
Plz explain/give u tutorial link/video link.

admin answers:

Blogger do not have any SEO gadgets or SEO plugins as such. Although they are said to be SEO gadget, I don’t think you can get any SEO related benefit from these gadgets. WordPress has some SEO plugins.

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