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Michael asks…

Can wordpress shut your site down if there are lots of inappropriate comments?

I have a wordpress blog with a lot of comments that insist on swearing and crudeness, but because of the vast amount of comments on my site, it makes it nearly impossible for me to single handedly remove or edit all the bad comments. Having said that my site has no age rating listed and all of the author content is clean, it’s just the comments that become hard to handle.

Can wordpress remove your site for this?

admin answers:

They probably won’t shut it down but you are being irresponsible by not handling comments. If you don’t want swearing – deal with it! There are things you can do. (If you are allowing spammers to comment and you don’t delete the comments, you could hurt yourself in search engines.)

Spam Words

If you encounter a word or phrase that is not in the Spam Words list, you can add it. You can also add the spam words found on the Spam Words list to the list that comes with your WordPress installation.

Go to the Settings > Discussion > Comment Moderation panel.
In the Spam Words textarea box, you can add additional spam words.
Added words are to be on a single line with a single line break after them with no spaces in between the words. If you include a blank line, every single comment will be moderated.
When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URI, e-mail, or IP, WordPress will hold it in the moderation queue.

Comment Blacklist

Included on your Settings > Discussion panel is a section called the Comment Blacklist. This is a list of words completely blacklisted from your blog.

Be very careful what you add here. If a comment matches something here it will be completely nuked and there will be no notification. These “nuked” comments will not appear on your blog, but they will remain in your database marked as [spam]. Comments that are marked as [spam] are held in your database to educate “intelligent” anti-spam plugins, such as Akismet.

Choose your blacklist words wisely!

Remember that partial words can match, so if there is any chance something here might match it would be better to put it in the moderation box. Blacklisting a word such as tramadol will automatically delete any comments containing tramadol, tramadols, bigtramadol, etc. But, blacklisting a word such as ass will automatically delete comments containing ass, asses, assistance, passionate, assumption, etc.

Linda asks…

How do you take down your site?

I installed the wordpress site on my .com domain, and I completely forgot how it works. I installed it with the MySQL directions about a year ago. How do I tear it down?

admin answers:

It really depends on your hosting. If you installed it using a program like Fantastico, Softilicous, or Installatron you’ll want to remove it using their interface. If you installed it manually then you need to delete all the files and folders associated with WordPress then remove the database as well. I hope this helps!

Mary asks…

What are the chances of some major blog sites shutting down?

So I have a blog on, and I was just wondering… should I make back ups? I mean, I want to keep all my data… all my past blogs. Is there much of a chance of the site shutting down and all my data being lost? Should I put in the effort to back it up?

admin answers:

WordPress is a multi-million dollar non-profit organization that constantly supports and improves it’s open source blogging software. While backups are always a good idea, the chances of wordpress shutting down or even having down time is slim to none…and I’m leaning towards none.

Carol asks…

Problem with Drop Down Nav in WordPress Site?


I am designing a website and was making some modifications and all of a sudden I notice that whenever I go to the nav bar and then try to go to one of the drop down nav bars as soon as I try to highlight a link on the dropdown nav bar it disapears.

Here is the site

The links in question are under “Clinicians” and “Services”. Every time I try to go to one of the sub links the bar disapears.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks a bunch in advance,

Ok I just figured out that if you go from the main menu bar to the sub menu and then stop for a second, the menu comes back. So it appears to only disappear if you move quickly

admin answers:


I tested your website in Google Chrome and the menu bar functions properly. What browser are you using? It does seem to load a bit slow though. You may want to look at using a caching plugin for WordPress like WP super-cache.

I hope this helps!

Laura asks…

Drop down menu in wordpress?

How do I have a drop down menu in wordpress? Like this

I’m not sure if this has to do with parent/child pages etc…but this is a wordpress site so i know its possible I’m just not sure how…

admin answers:

You need to learn html and javascript and code it manually into your wordpress theme.

Check my source for a good menu

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