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Joseph asks…

How well does Kompozer work with editing wordpress templates?

I am trying to find a free Dreamweaver alternative and it looks like Kompozer is good. But I could not find any feedback with using this program for wordpress templates. I wanted to know if anyone has used it and how well it works. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

It works fine, like all the others stated. I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do in Kompozer but do a search for videos or guides-because they are out there. So this way you can go step by step. Hope that helps.

John asks…

Where can one get After Effects Templates, After Effects Projects and WordPress Templates For Free?

Hi, Im looking for After Effects Projects or After Effects Templates, as well as WordPress Templates that are for free or can be purchased (its better if you make sure its cheap, after effects by itself costs quite a lot of money)
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions please help me out,
Thank you,

admin answers:

Get ’em here:

David asks…

How to use wordpress templates for myspace..?

Trying to start a myspace page using WordPress templates, how do I do that?..Do I need to adjust any codes like HTML???

admin answers:

Dude you just need to know CSS, and it should be a snap, it’s very easy, and well nothing really hard about it, just make sure you put in all your codes correctly or they won’t work.

If you have any other questions about coding or design just go to the Free Online Tips’ Forum and everyone there will help you out, Including Me 🙂 =

NOTE: You’ll haft to sign up, it’s no longer an open forum anymore.


Carol asks…

Where I found new wordpress blog templates in Free?

I search a new staleys templates for my wordpress blog in free,but it must be not from default templates. send me links and if it’s possible please tell me with instruction how can I active this new template to my blog.

admin answers:

Try this link. I hope it’s will help you. 🙂

Michael asks…

how can i make wordpress templates?

i want to know how to make WordPress templates and where to sell these templates?

admin answers:

Copy the default theme, open files with notepad and start editing. You must know html, css and a little php.

Here is a quick overview of what each file does:

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